“The idea is the whole thing. If you stay true to the idea, it tells you everything you need to know, really. You just keep working to make it look like that idea looked, feel like it felt, sound like it sounded, and be the way it was. And it’s weird, because when you veer off, you sort of know it. You know when you’re doing something that is not correct because it feels incorrect”

(David Lynch)


Writing and image

Writer and video maker. Educator and artistic consultant in the social field. Cofounder and supervisor of the video channel Indro, the first Italian appzine Third and Sustainable.

From years I work in the field of communication by means of videos and writing. My education and professional qualification - matured in the context of an intense and consolidated artistic search – confer to my work, provided also as a service to others, a clear and distinct uniqueness of language and processing of meanings.




I imagine, plan and create videos in an artistic and professional context, by facing with flexibility different fields of activity and themes. I work with privates, companies, authorities and institutions on the whole national – but also non-national – territory. Step by step, in constant confrontation with the customer, I carry out a careful analysis of the message to convey, by pointing out the creative solutions that would result more adequate to the target and to the budget.

From the concept to the finished product, I personally handle the shooting and editing process, so that the final outcome exactly responds to the needs of the customer, also resorting - for specific technical aspects - to the competence and expertise of professionals. Every productive phase is planned and carried out with the maximum level of attention, with the aim of giving to every work a magical touch and its due uniqueness.

In the field of education, I’m the creator and I run the video laboratory – open to everyone, of every age group and without any previous experience required – “FROM THE IDEA OF THE SUBJECT TO ITS VIDEO-CREATION”, an itinerant laboratory, hosted by schools, authorities and institutions, that offers to its participants a creative and technical education on the use of the audio-video language, passing through the first phase of subject-writing to its screenplay, up to accompanying the participants (to which I also make available technical equipment) to the practical realization of their personal project.



Mobile: +39-3470446476

E-mail; info@antoniolfalbo.it