Holy water

In holy water the main characters are the two passages of the water cycle, liquid and solid. The gaseous state, the intermediate one, has been avoided in order to analyze and reveal the two extreme points with which man can mainly interact, both physically and “spiritually”.
It has been chosen to deal with the natural element through the mediation of sport because, in a non-competitive key, it is believed that it could better express the constant sense of challenge and bond between man and nature, and finally his one and only chance of finding himself in it, depriving himself (and depriving the nature) of any benevolent or malevolent meaning. In a sort of sinuous dance, like the slow and compelling rhythm of the declaim of a psalm, the natural element and the man who interacts with it merge, creating a unique body.
The video presented is the first chapter, “water” to which the remaining elements will follow, leaving as last one the “light”.

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