Bonding -Booktrailer

In the video are expressed some of the symbolic and most striking characters that outline the evolution of the narration in the novel of Antonio Lorenzo Falbo, Edizioni Pendragon. But a harmonic language in perfect tune with the research of the previous works of the author, does not necessarily limit him to the work, making it formally an autonomously usable work.

What Bonding is:

BONDING: English term for “tie”, “attachment”, it’s a basic phenomenon present in nature. In physics, it is established when two particles get close and attract each other. Researches on animals (Harlow) have shown that the elements of BONDING are important not only for physical survival but also for everything that today we call emotional health. In the human beings the process of bonding was studied by J. Kennel and M. Klaus. In the book “Parent-to-infant attachment” they define BONDING as a unique relation between two individuals, specific and enduring in time. The hug, the kiss and the look as indexes of attachment in evolution. Right after birth it is necessary that mother, father and child are able to spend some time together, in order for this attachment to develop. In the infant the bond is developed through the senses, in the mother and father through the cuddling, kissing and looking. The massage helps in creating this “bond”, mostly in cases where children and parents have immediately been physically divided after birth (C-section, premature baby). The massage, through contact, helps the realisation of this first step of “being bond” of the “attachment”, indispensable in order to peacefully face the following “detachments” and also the “growth” of the relationship.

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