What ramains

Video realized for the display celebrating the hundredth anniversary of Mario Soldati’s birth.

What is needed in order to describe the passions of a man? An immense white space in which every element inserted loses its own real connotation, be it a man, a woman or an object, might be enough. Maybe we should try not to lose ourselves in that aseptic infinite created, suspend every natural emotional instinct of “adding” and organizing. Passions, as always, are numerous, but just three might be enough to outline, in time, the profile of a man subject to a countless number of them. So, in the fullness of time, the moment arrives of letting that the passions with the tensest nerves and the strongest features – through the immense indefinite white space – impress themselves bright and indelible in the memory.
That is everything that can be done to be able to describe a man and his great passions. What has been is lost in time, only “what remains” matters.

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