R.O.Y. (You: obviously real)

Video realized during the video laboratory FROM THE IDEA OF THE SUBJECT TO ITS VIDEO-CREATION” by Antonio L. Falbo

Note on the Author: Annalisa Giusti was born 37 years ago in Pontedera (PI), from a patriarchal family, from humble grandparents who lived of the simplicity and smartness of the land, from parents that saw in the leather manufacturing, the dream of a home and a turning point. In all of this, still a child, she asked herself what she “felt” and “saw” was. She asked that to her sister, without having the words, without getting any answer… Never renouncing to the question.

Note on the Work: R.O.Y. was born from the need of that child to explain the soul. She’s the one that is talking, even now, that child that exists in me like a layer. We are nothing more than this, a layer of existence over the other, essence on essence. While the body is a bunch of labels, useless attempts to catch the ineffable. Daughter, mother, lover, fiancée, victim, executioner, good or evil… who is ROY?... Who is willing to renounce to the labelling?

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