Sophia - Booktrailer

Video realized during the video laboratory FROM THE IDEA OF THE SUBJECT TO ITS VIDEO-CREATION” by Antonio L. Falbo

Promotional booktrailer for the novel Sofia by Veronica Niccolai, Ibiskos Editrice

Note on the Work: the Booktrailer “Sophia” is born with the aim of capturing the spectator and give him the possibility to dive into the atmosphere of the novel. The strength of the work lays in the cooperation with other artists, technicians and participants to the Laboratory, starting from the lead actress, Sara Bellodi, that has played Sophia by identifying herself perfectly with the spirit of the character. The other great lead in the booktrailer is music, that has given the opportunity of using an original song by the duo Kimagure as soundtrack, enriched by the soloist clarinet of the Lucchese master Emanuele Gaggini.

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