Demian – The book series

Promotional Video for the new book series published by EDIZIONI IL FOGLIO by Sacha Naspini and Federico Guerri.

“One day Federico Guerri asked me to do a book series for IL FOGLIO. A book series of “shorts”, he said. A quick book series. That could maybe be launched also in a digital form, et cetera. I thought about it a little bit.

I called it DEMIAN because Demian it’s a book I really loved. And I decided that the book series should have as its central suggestion adolescence, because I have a fanatic passion for indefinite places. Adolescence is on of these. It is especially there that we have the first beautiful sprains, the devastating ones in life. It is there that you understand if the groundwork really hold or if you have to review something. You wake up to the things of the world, you start giving names. You end up in the middle of things, in the scrum, almost disarmed. Maybe you fall in love but nobody wants you. Maybe all of a sudden your body seems to want to slip away from you. And everything else. You have a fresh nature, your job seems to be to give it the run that it demands, yet, you find your first walls. Family. School. The natural competitions of the age. So you fight back, to get your own spaces. That could means bitter fights, nuclear delusions. Tears, anxiety, broken lips – but without telling anybody, at home, blaming a door, the bike. Maybe one day you’ll start writing on a piece of paper, with your soul out from your teeth.

In other words, Demian, will make you travel in those lands, where the human substance is still soft, pulsating. There will be wonderful surprises.

Finally, the editorial staff: it is me and Federico Guerri – a punctual and clear-headed text-cutter (also a good devourer of Chinese; that allows us to have wonderful Friday night meetings, at Oriente)”.
Sacha Napini

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