Behind the mask

Video realized during the video laboratory FROM THE IDEA OF THE SUBJECT TO ITS VIDEO-CREATION” by Antonio L. Falbo

Note on the Work: You wake up, you move towards the mirror quietly. Your eyes are making fun of you, the image reflected in the mirror is not you anymore, but your hidden identity that emerges from the ashes of your “normal” aspect. You run in a corner of your room. You look for a refuge in a safe place, far away from that wretched mirror that reveals the purest form of sincerity. In your mind, the thoughts travel at the speed of light, tying you in their grasp. Nervous tics, hysterical laughs of another entity destroy you, you cry like a simple girl, laugh demon, you breathe, you look at yourself and suddenly understand that you’re not alone. Dry off your tears baby girl… Behind the mask, anything is possible.

torna indietro