Until the snow burns -Booktrailer

Promotional booktrailer for the new novel by Antonio L. Falbo, Until the Snow Burns (Armando Curcio Editore; 2014)

The leitmotif of the novel is the “Burn-out” (literally: to be burn, exhausted, blown up), a concept introduced in order to point out a series of phenomenon of psychic and physical deterioration, observed in the workers inserted in professional activities of a social nature.

In a psychiatric community on the fringes of a nameless town, Desy, a passionate educator, struggles not to burn her own life, wrapped between the growing of a strange discomfort (burn-out) and the sufferings of her patients; Alex, a schizophrenic kid, takes control on his life, entangled in the difficult relationship with his parents and the grief for the loss of her sister.
Alongside with them, a spiral of faces and souls devastated for the apparent suicide of Max, psychologist of the asylum, as well as lover of the young educator, who will begin a desperate quest to find out the possible explanations to justify his extreme action.
It’s only thanks to the help of Alex, that Desy will find the key to unveil suspects already resulted in paranoia, give a name to her grief and finally discover the truth about Max.
But all of this, not before having crossed the thin line between the provider of a service that helps people, and a person that urgently needs that same help.

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